Finland - negotiating your pay and benefits?

Country: Finland
Official languages: Finnish, Swedish
Phone code: +358
Internet code: .fi/.ax

Negotiating your pay and benefits

In Finland, contracts are based on collective labour agreements. Almost every field has its own labour agreement. However, pay is some­times negotiable. If it is, this is mentioned in the job advertisement, and candidates are usu­ally asked to indicate their expectations in their application.

Pay is usually expressed in hourly or monthly terms. Holiday pay is based on the statu­tory requirement. In some fields or enterprises (especially in executive positions), you may negotiate annual bonuses, which are likely to be performance-related.

Extra benefits are very common in Finland and include luncheon vouchers, sports and cultural discount vouchers, and occupational health­care. In some companies, you may be supplied with a leased car. Some advantages are nego­tiable. Consult your new superior, who can tell you the right person to negotiate these extra benefits with.

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