Austria - dress-code tips

Country: Austria
Official languages: German
Phone code: +43
Internet code: .at

Dress-code tips

Dress code depends on the job, the sector, the position, customer contact, representa­tion, company culture, etc. It is important to be authentic when presenting yourself For men who are applying for responsible positions, a suit is still obligatory. A tie is no longer required.

‘I already knew some things about life in Hungary, as I had studied there, but EURES helped me with the more"techni­cal" details of living between two coun­tries, such as the differences between tax systems and social security sys­tems. When you move somewhere new, you don't know what to expect. Each country has its own uniqueness, and it's invaluable to get this advice.'

Marcel, jobseeker from Germany, living in Hungary, commuting to work in Austria

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