Austria - negotiating your pay and benefits?

Country: Austria
Official languages: German
Phone code: +43
Internet code: .at

Negotiating your pay and benefits

Normally there is room to negotiate pay and working conditions, except in the public sector, where there are fixed pay scales. Negotiations take place with the head of the department that offered you the job.

In general, wages are expressed in monthly terms, including holiday pay and Christmas bonuses. Other non-statutory benefits need to be negotiated individually. For some jobs, the employer will offer you a fixed minimum remuneration and add a variable remuneration that depends on your performance or results at work. For those jobs where it is common to receive a tip from customers (e.g. guesthouses, hotels, etc.), you are often offered a low mini­mum wage. The tip is considered to be a way of increasing your wage, depending on your own efforts.

There is often room to negotiate your hours of work, flexibility about times and work locations, adapting working time to childcare (kindergar­ten) availability, etc.

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