Malta - negotiating your pay and benefits?

Country: Malta
Official languages: English, Maltese
Phone code: +356
Internet code: .mt

Negotiating your pay and benefits

You can negotiate pay, particularly if you have a lot of experience in the job you are apply­ing for. Pay is usually expressed as a weekly or monthly rate. Holiday pay and annual bonuses are included in the remuneration offered.

The staff member who negotiates pay and non-statutory benefits will be the HR manager if it is a large company or the employer himself/ herself if it is a smaller firm.

If you are hired, the company is bound by law to inform the local authorities about your employment by completing the 'engagement of employment form' and submitting it to the Employment and Training Corporation on your first working day. This form must have your sig­nature on it. Make sure that the employer sends this form to the corporation on the first day of your employment.

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