Sweden - diplomas, references, recommendation or proof of good conduct

Country: Sweden
Official languages: Swedish
Phone code: +46
Internet code: .se

Do I need to send diplomas with my application?

It is not common to attach documents to the application. If the employer requests a copy of your diploma, bring it along to the interview.

Should I supply references, letters of recommendation or proof of good conduct?

If you have up-to-date referees, give their details on your CV. Otherwise, write: 'Refer­ences will be provided on request'. A former employer is most often used as a reference. The reference supports your application and describes you and your ability to work.

Letters of recommendation are needed and can help you. Bring them when you attend the inter­view. They should be written by a former boss, team leader or HR officer. If you don't have work experience, you can provide a letter of rec­ommendation from a teacher or a sports leader.

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