Norway - diplomas, references, recommendation or proof of good conduct

Country: Norway
Official languages: Norwegian
Phone code: +47
Internet code: .no

Do I need to send diplomas with my application?

Send copies of diplomas/certificates with your application only if this is requested in the job vacancy. If not, send them when the recruiter asks for them. Employers need a certified copy of your diploma and a certified translation (into Norwegian or at least into English).

Should I supply references, letters of recommendation or proof of good conduct?

Norwegian employers check references sys­tematically. List your referees at the end of your CV. They will need to tell the Norwegian recruiter (in English or a Scandinavian language) about your previous professional duties, and your pro­fessional and personal abilities.

Letters of recommendation are not required or even commonly requested, unless you cannot supply any referees.

Jobs in the security and education sectors require you to show proof that you have no pre­vious criminal convictions, but this will be men­tioned in the job advertisement.

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