Ireland - diplomas, references, recommendation or proof of good conduct

Country: Ireland
Official languages: English, Irish
Phone code: +353
Internet code: .ie

Do I need to send diplomas with my application?

If the application process involves sending a CV and covering letter, you should send photocopies of relevant qualifications along with the CV. For electronic application forms, state all your qualifications clearly and indicate that the certificates will be available on request. The applicant may be asked to bring originals of diplomas to the interview.

Should I supply references, letters of recommendation or proof of good conduct?

In Ireland, it is very common to use references - usually two - one of which will be a personal reference about your character, etc. and the second from your previous employer about your work. Employers will not contact referees unless they are going to make you a job offer. Candidates should have cleared the inclusion of a referee with the person in question prior to including them in their application. A previous employer, priest, vicar or member of the Garda (police) could be good references. They are expected to complete a written or telephone reference with the employer on behalf of the applicant.

While all jobs require that the applicant is of good moral standing, there are nevertheless certain jobs which will require greater proof of character, e.g. childcare, care assistant - some of which may require Garda references.

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