Czech Republic - diplomas, references, recommendation or proof of good conduct

Official languages: Czech
Phone code: +420
Internet code: .cz

Do I need to send diplomas with my application?

No, recruiters usually check diplomas or other documents at the interview stage. Applicants must normally submit copies of their diplomas and documents after signing the job agreement.

Should I supply references, letters of recommendation or proof of good conduct?

References or letters of recommendation are usually not required. Employers verify information about the applicants’ last jobs by means of a phone call to their former employer.

Proof of good conduct is generally required for certain jobs, such as teachers, judges or police officers. This is issued by the Czech filling and verification information national terminal (Czech POINTs) - a network of assisted public administration centres where every citizen can obtain information on the data kept on him or her by the state in its central registers.

last modification: 2014-09-01 14:21:50
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