Lithuania - typical interview structure

Country: Lithuania
Official languages: Lithuanian
Phone code: +370
Internet code: .lt

Is there a typical interview structure?

No, but you can expect questions such as: What did you do before? Tell us something about yourself (here you have a good chance to pres­ent yourself and offer important information to the prospective employer to stimulate their interest in you). Why do you want to work for us? Why did you leave your previous job? How do you see your responsibilities in our com­pany? What can you offer us? What are your strengths and weaknesses, and your interests outside work? What are your future ambitions?

Demonstrate enthusiasm. Make it clear that you want the job. Show that you are prepared. Include evidence that you have found out more about the company in your answers, but do not make it too obvious. Ask questions afterwards.

Be prepared to answer the question about what salary you expect. Possible answers could include: 'I think I should not receive less than the employee who occupied the position pre­viously,' or 'Since your company is known to be prestigious, I am sure I will be paid according to current rates.' Applicants are advised to make a brief survey of salary levels in the chosen field prior to any salary negotiations.

When is a question out of bounds?

It is not tactful for employers to ask about age, marital status, pregnancy, addictions or religion.

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