Latvia - typical interview structure

Country: Latvia
Official languages: Latvian
Phone code: +371
Internet code: .lv

Is there a typical interview structure?

Interviews are usually formal in Latvia. Employers may also conduct so-called 'test interviews’ which may be conducted by phone or in a group for the purpose of identifying the leader.

An interview rarely takes more than 1/2 hour per candidate. Questions are very similar for all applicants if the interview is official and formal. The candidate is expected to have prepared for the interview, and to know about the company and the position. Candidates are allowed to ask questions about the job and duties to which they have not yet obtained an answer.

When is a question out of bounds?

There are various documents banning discrimi-nation on grounds of race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, social class, language, political opinions, etc. Statutory rights are usually not impaired, but there is nevertheless some remaining hostility to diversity.

Discriminatory questions are those that ask the candidate about marital status or plans to have children. Questions regarding age, marital status, personal information (height, weight, etc.) may also be considered discriminatory. Sometimes tricks are used to elicit such information: for example employers can ask a candidate to send a full-body photo or conduct a 'stress interview’, during which they test how a potential employee behaves in an uncomfortable situation, how creative a person is, etc. This is an interesting method, but the boundary between legitimate techniques and the violation of applicants’ rights is slim.

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