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EURES, the European jobs network, provides job-matching and recruitment services to all European Economic Area (EEA) countries ( 3 ), plus Switzerland. It helps jobseekers and job changers get to where the jobs are, and it opens up to employers a wider pool of candidates with the skills they need to develop their businesses. All EURES services for jobseekers and workers are provided free of charge.

EURES has a network of partners, including public employment services, and this network is being extended to include many more recruitment actors in your home country, such as private recruit­ment agencies. More information can be found on the EURES job mobility portal.


EURES' services are comprehensive and available to all European jobseekers - before, during and after their job search. They address every aspect of living and working abroad, from providing career guidance, reviewing and translating CVs, analysing offers and facilitating video-conferenc­ing for interviews, to providing information on the European labour market, giving legal and social security advice, organising job fairs and advising on training opportunities, language learning and funding opportunities.

The EURES job mobility portal

The EURES portal hosts more than one million job vacancies from 32 countries in Europe, almost as many CVs and thousands of registered employers. It offers you tools to:

create a profile allowing you to tag interesting sectors or countries and receive e-mail notifica­tions of relevant job vacancies;

build and maintain a CV in one or several language versions - and post it online, so it is visible to the 30 000 employers registered on the portal;

search for information on living and working in your country of choice;

search for European Job Days and other recruitment events in your region; and

connect with other jobseekers and exchange tips on job hunting and living and working abroad.

EURES Advisers

EURES Advisers - and other recruitment professionals in the EURES network - can be contacted for information and advice at any stage of your job search and moving process. With specialised expertise in the practical, legal and administrative aspects of European labour mobility, they can:

recommend interesting opportunities based on your profile - and even seek to match your pro­file with a suitable employer in another European country;

assist you with your job application and pass on your CV to potential employers;

give you information on the living and working conditions in your country of destination; and

help you get started in your new country by providing information on accommodation, social security and taxes, and on schools and healthcare for your family, if relevant.

'We support hundreds of cross-border workers on a daily basis with questions like: Where do I pay my taxes? Where can I claim child benefits? Can I use the health service? This helps make the transition easier for mobile workers moving to another country.'

Joe Lavery, EURES Adviser, Cross-border Partnership Ireland - Northern Ireland

Please note that the services available may differ from one country or EURES partner organisation to another.

You can find more information and contact details of your local EURES Adviser and other recruit­ment professionals on the EURES portal.

EURES in cross-border regions

Working and living in two different countries is the most common form of labour mobility. EURES operates in cross-border regions throughout Europe. Information for cross-border workers is available on the EURES job mobility portal and from your local EURES Adviser.

European Job Days and other events

Each year, hundreds of EURES events are held throughout Europe - all easy to access and free of charge. The best-known are European Job Days - an ideal environment for you to meet potential employers, either on-site or online, as well as to benefit from live Q & As and one-to-one video coaching with job mobility and other relevant experts. EURES also hosts conferences, seminars and general mobility information days where EURES Advisers are on hand to provide expert advice on finding a job in Europe. European Job Days can be either generalist in nature or focused on a par­ticular sector or sectors. Check the events calendar on the EURES job mobility portal for more infor­mation on events in your area.

'Concentrix has worked with EURES for a number of years, and the partnership is key to our recruitment success. We advertise throughout the EURES network, have worked to build and sustain relationships with individual Advisers around Europe, and regu­larly attend EURES recruitment events in various countries. Owing to our high recruit­ment needs and varied language requirements, using the EURES portal and network of advisers for in-country advertising is crucial. The level of service is invaluable - as is the local knowledge and advice.'

Concentrix, Northern Ireland

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