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Is there a typical interview structure?

On average, the interview takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

The interviewer presents him- or herself and the company, before inviting you to tell him/her who you are. They will then tell you more about the job, before asking questions about your CV. They may also ask about your private life.

Questions about your qualities, skills and com­petences follow. After this, you can ask about topics that have not been addressed or for things to be clarified.

The interviewer closes the interview by explain­ing further steps in the procedure.

Tricky questions include: Do you have an idea of what the position involves? Compare this post with similar ones in other companies. Why should we choose you instead of some­one else? Can you explain this gap in your CV?

When is a question out of bounds?

There is legislation to protect against discrimi­nation. Questions about race or skin colour, reli­gion (although a question like 'Do the hours of work fit in with your religion?' is permissi­ble), nationality, birthplace, pregnancy, health or family plans are not permitted.

Many Dutch companies have adopted a code of good conduct in recruitment as laid down by the Dutch union for personnel manage­ment and organisation development (NVP). If you feel that a company that is signed up to the code did not treat you well, you can make a complaint. You can also apply to the commis­sion for equal treatment if you think your rights to equal treatment were violated.

last modification: 2014-09-03
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