Ireland - typical interview structure

Country: Ireland
Official languages: English, Irish
Phone code: +353
Internet code: .ie

Is there a typical interview structure?

Usually an interview will be held in a private office. One of the interviewers will take the role of chairperson and introduce themselves, the panel and the interview procedure. Normally you can expect a very formal atmosphere, and the applicant is expected to treat the process formally and with respect. The vast majority of the interview will concentrate on professional items, with perhaps 10 % of the time being spent on non-professional issues. Candidates should be able to show their reasons and motivation for applying for the job. They should be clear and concise in their answers, and should avoid using jargon or acronyms.

You will be offered the opportunity to ask questions, but if there is a second interview in the process you should wait until this interview to ask any relevant questions.

When is a question out of bounds?

There are very strict anti-discrimination laws in Ireland - these laws form the basis of the process. You cannot be asked a question that would be considered discriminatory and you can refuse to answer such a question - e.g. What age are you? Most personal matters, such as your age, religion, sexual orientation, etc. are considered to be absolutely private.

last modification: 2014-09-01
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