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CountryWho will be there?Do we shake hands?
Austria - who will be there?
The following people may attend: head of the department offering the job, HR manager, representative of the employees’ council. Yes, it is standard to shake hands.
Belgium - who will be there?
A psychologist usually conducts the first inter-view. Afterwards you may have an interview with the line manager or even a future col¬league. The final interview, to negotiate salary, etc., will be with a representative of the HR department Expect 45 minutes for an interview and half a day for testing. Yes, in Belgium this is common.
Bulgaria - who will be there?
If the interview is held at the local labour office, the participants are the labour officer, the candidate and the employer or their representative. If the interview is held at the company, the participants are the employer or their representative and the candidate. Sometimes, but only on the initiative of the interviewer. If there is a panel of interviewers, you do not shake hands.
Croatia - who will be there?
Either one or a group of persons, depending on the company Yes. Etiquette states that you shake hands first with the women, then the most important person, then the others.
Cyprus - who will be there?
Be aware that in Cyprus most establishments are small units where the owner is at the same time the director and the personnel manager. The director or personnel manager usually con¬ducts the interview. It is customary to shake hands with someone you meet for the first time.
Czech Republic - who will be there?
One to three interviewers, as a rule. Yes, this is standard practice.
Denmark - who will be there?
There will normally be one to five interviewers present during the interview. It is important to maintain good eye contact with all interviewers. Try to make everybody feel included. A meeting will typically take up to 1 hour, with the candidate often being offered a cup of coffee or tea. Shake hands with all persons present, both when meeting and saying goodbye. Make it a good firm handshake while keeping eye contact.
Estonia - who will be there?
Normally the official representative of the employer and personnel specialist(s) will be present, as well as other applicants if a group interview is involved. If you are taking part in a test, expect there to be 2 to 10 candidates. Tests usually take 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. A handshake is acceptable as a greeting; remember to wait for the employer to offer the handshake first. Be friendly and open, stand or sit up straight, and speak audibly and clearly, keeping eye contact.
Finland - who will be there?
It is normal that at least two people from the company will be at the interview. Yes, shake hands with everyone present.
France - who will be there?
The first interview is usually with a representative from the HR department. In small companies or with craftsmen, you will generally meet the director. Yes, shake hands with your interviewer before and after your meeting. French people set great store by etiquette, and courtesy and good manners are appreciated.
Germany - who will be there?
On average, the interview is conducted by between two and six people. The following may take part in the interview: the company owner or general manager, people in management functions, HR staff and peer colleagues. Yes, interviewers expect you to shake hands when you enter the interview room.
Greece - who will be there?
For an individual interview, you could be alone with the interviewer. There may be two consecutive interviews with different people. For an interview with a committee, there will likely be three to five people. For a group interview, many candidates are invited to participate in a conversation. Yes, it is polite and professionally acceptable to shake hands before and after an interview.
Hungary - who will be there?
There will typically be one to three people at the interview. Generally yes, you shake hands with your interviewers.
Iceland - who will be there?

There may be one to four people from the employer’s side. In general, the more spe­cialised the job, the more people conduct the interview.

People always shake hands at formal occasions such as job interviews. Shake hands firmly and make eye contact. A weak handshake is not a good start.
Ireland - who will be there?
Normally two or three people will conduct the interviews. One or more people may con¬duct tests. Interviews normally last about 40 minutes. Interviews almost always begin with a greeting and a handshake, so if the interviewer stretches out a hand, be prepared to shake their hand.
Italy - who will be there?
Depending on the vacancy, the employer, head of department, HR officer or even a person specially appointed to conduct such interviews - so either one person or a panel of people might attend. Written tests are usually carried out in groups. A meeting or a test usually lasts for a maximum of 1 hour. Yes, this is common practice.
Latvia - who will be there?
In smaller companies, the head of the company or line manager conducts the job interview. In larger companies, there are usually three inter-viewers, including the head of the company or a particular division and a personnel specialist. A handshake is acceptable as a greeting, but remember to wait for the employer to offer the handshake first.
Lichtenstein - who will be there?
Usually one to three people will conduct the interview, including at least an HR representative and a supervisor Yes, it is customary to shake hands in Liechtenstein.
Lithuania - who will be there?
In larger companies, when the list of candidates is long and the position is very important, a preliminary interview may be conducted by the personnel manager. The second interview is usually conducted by a line manager, as he/she knows exactly which work-specific questions to ask and is the person that the applicant will be working for directly. Selection centres (assess-ment centres) are not widely used in Lithuania, but some employers use the services of recruitment companies for the pre-selection of staff Yes, it is common to shake hands firmly with the interviewer.
Luxembourg - who will be there?
The number and role of those present will depend on the job in question. Yes, always shake hands with your interviewer(s).
Malta - who will be there?

Usually the employer is present during the interview, unless it is a large organisation, in which case the HR manager and section super­visor will be present.

Yes, this is the first thing you should do when you meet your interviewers. Shake hands and introduce yourself by stating your name and surname. Remember to smile. Do not sit down before they invite you to do so.
Netherlands - who will be there?
One or two people, typically. Yes, a firm handshake is a must in the Netherlands.
Norway - who will be there?
Anything from one to five people will conduct the interview. This may include a trade union and a staff representative, particularly for public sector jobs. A handshake is quite common, and has to be firm.
Poland - who will be there?
Usually two representatives of the employer are present at the interview. If there are tests, the candidate may be alone or attend a group session. The employer or recruiter will decide whether to shake your hand. You should not take the initiative.
Portugal - who will be there?
Generally one interviewer. Yes, you should shake hands on invitation.
Romania - who will be there?
Commonly, a representative of the HR staff in charge of the recruitment process, the head of the department for which the company is recruiting and, in some cases, the general director/president of the company. Yes, it is polite to shake hands in Romania.
Slovakia - who will be there?
There will usually be between one to three company representatives on the interview panel. They will interview 10-30 applicants. There may sometimes be group interviews. No, this is reserved usually for the successful candidate at the end of the recruitment process.
Slovenia - who will be there?
Tests are usually taken in groups and are ha-dled by a psychologist. A group meeting may also be held initially to present the company and the posts. A single interview is usually enough for the employer to decide about the candidate, but further interviews may be required. The interview usually takes 15-45 minutes. Yes, shake hands at the beginning and end of the job interview.
Spain - who will be there?
Usually the employer, another executive-level person or the HR department conducts the interview. Yes, people usually shake hands at the beginning and the end of the meeting. It is usual to touch the other person (shoulder, arm) and, where there are women in the group, it is not uncommon to kiss each other (twice). If the Spanish person opposite you tries to give you a kiss, do not refuse it, but you should not be the one to initiate the kiss.

A tip about personal space: Spanish people like to be close and usually leave less space than northern Europeans when meeting someone.
Sweden - who will be there?
One or two people, and often a representative from the trade union.

Yes, definitely. This is usual practice.

Switzerland - who will be there?
Depending on the job and whether there is an HR department, there may be two or three people. In small companies, it may just be the employer. Yes, shake hands with all those present at the interview.
United Kingdom - who will be there?
Interviews are usually led by two to three panel members, including the line manager for the vacant post and a representative from HR. It is normal to shake hands with the members of the interviewing panel.
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