Preparing for the interview


Norway - preparing for the interview

Country: Norway
Official languages: Norwegian
Phone code: +47
Internet code: .no

Preparing for the interview

In most cases, you will be asked for an interview in person. In some cases, the first direct contact may be a telephone interview.

Remember that your CV and covering letter are your entrance ticket to an interview. This is where your competence has to show. An inter¬view is based more on your personal abilities and personality in a working situation. The chemistry between you and the recruiter might be decisive. Be interested, motivated, ask the right questions and dare to speak for yourself and give your opinion. There may be only one interview (most com¬mon), or two or three (for highly qualified staff). An interview lasts 45-90 minutes on average.

How early should I arrive for the interview?

You must be punctual. If you are prevented from attending at the given time, ask as soon as possible for a new appointment.

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