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Austria - contact by phone
When you contact a company by phone, it is important to know the name of your contact person. Ask for them by name. Prepare a short, clear, personal presentation, explain what kind of job offer you are calling about and try to make an appointment for an interview. Avoid a noisy background or people talking to you when you are calling, especially if you are using a mobile phone.
Belgium - contact by phone
If you call the employer, introduce yourself briefly and clearly, and speak in the required language. If you are making a spontaneous application, introduce yourself and make clear what kind of function you are applying for.
Bulgaria - contact by phone
In general it is not recommended to apply for a job by phone, as it allows the employer to rule out the candidate more easily. The aim of a phone call is to fix an appointment for an interview. Be sure to do the following: introduce yourself and clarify which position you are interested in and your reason for calling. Focus briefly and clearly on why you are suitable for the position and try to fix a date for an interview.
Croatia - contact by phone
If the telephone number is provided, it is possible to make contact by phone. However, many employers state that it is not possible to get information by phone.
Cyprus - contact by phone
The first contacts when looking for work in Cyprus are usually made by phone. As a prospective candidate, you are advised to ask if the vacancy is still open and for details of the application procedure.
Czech Republic - contact by phone
If you are contacting the employer by phone, it is better to do so at the beginning of the working day. Try to speak to the person responsible for your field. Be prepared for questions - make sure you have a pen, a notebook and your CV to hand. Reply briefly and to the point and ask for the opportunity to meet in person. Do your best to accept the time suggested.
Denmark - contact by phone
It is advisable to contact the enterprise by phone if you wish to send a spontaneous application. This will help you target your application. Job ads will specify whom to contact; you are welcome to contact the enterprise before sending an application. Prepare your questions well to ensure that you will not be remembered as a candidate who wasted their time. Avoid asking about the salary; this issue will be dealt with during the interview.
Estonia - contact by phone
When you prepare a phone call, be sure to have the vacancy, skills list, your CV and a notebook to hand. Find the right contact person - an HR specialist. Show interest in the vacancy and ask where you should send the necessary documents. Be polite, listen, and speak slowly and clearly, giving specific answers and information about references. Be proactive.
Finland - contact by phone
Some employers expect applicants to contact them by phone or e-mail to ask for further details before sending the application. They see the contact as an expression of interest. However, other employers do not have time to answer calls or e-mails and do not expect the jobseekers to make contact.

If you do call, prepare beforehand. Think carefully why you are applying for the position and why you should be chosen. Speak clearly and try to be relaxed.
France - contact by phone
It is not common to contact an employer by phone before an interview. If you wish to, how¬ever, you are advised to do so in French. If you do not know the name of the person in charge of the recruitment, ask for this before you send your application. If you apply for a job through a recruitment agency, it is worth asking at least about the company’s area of activity and size.
Germany - contact by phone
If you make telephone calls to the employer or the HR department, make sure you are always polite and give your full name (first name and surname). Prepare your answers in advance and answer to the point.

If you are considering a spontaneous applica­tion, prepare what you want to say and be sure that you can explain why you are applying in this way
Greece - contact by phone
If you call the employer, be polite, serious, show that you are interested, listen carefully and be honest.
Hungary - contact by phone

It might be a good idea to make contact some­time after sending your application to show that you are really interested. It also helps to remind the company of your name.

Always prepare for any telephone contact, as you need to get your questions answered (do not forget them) and also be able to respond spontaneously. Make sure you are told what the next step should be.
Iceland - contact by phone
If applying by phone, remember that Icelandic people are not very formal. Even so, it is usual to state your name and the reason for your call at the start of the conversation. Take care not to speak for too long and never interrupt the person you are talking to.
Ireland - contact by phone
It is not customary to telephone an employer other than to ask for an application form or for details of how to apply.
Italy - contact by phone
If the first contact is made via phone, be polite and speak fluently and correctly. Ask for an appointment right away and do not forget to ask for the person’s contact details.
Latvia - contact by phone
More effective than sending your CV to different companies is to establish close contact with the personnel manager of a company and make a phone call to find out more about the application procedure.
Lichtenstein - contact by phone
When you phone the employer, ask to speak to the contact person mentioned. Do not ask too many questions, and keep these to the point. Do not make your call longer than needed.
Lithuania - contact by phone
Telephone contacts are not very common for the first contact with a jobseeker. Employers prefer face-to-face interviews.
Luxembourg - contact by phone
Contacting the employer by phone is not recommended.
Malta - contact by phone
Usually the employer contacts the applicants by phone for a first interview. Then a face-to-face interview is conducted.

Try to find out the name of the contact person and use the correct name of the company during telephone contacts. You should be polite at all times during the conversation. Talk briefly and to the point, but do not leave out important information. Clarify what the next step will be.
Netherlands - contact by phone
If you contact the company by phone, ask for the contact person or department mentioned in the job advertisement. Make sure the timing of the call is convenient. Say briefly whether you are calling for more information or to apply for a job. If you are a foreign applicant and are calling from abroad, make this clear and ask if the call can be held in your own or in another foreign language. The first impression you make is decisive
Norway - contact by phone
It is common to get in touch with the contact person for more information about the job. Prepare questions relevant to the job/company and call between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Poland - contact by phone
In telephone contacts, applicants should introduce themselves and state why they are calling. Do not ask anybody to call on your behalf, and be prepared to note down information that you receive from the employer.
Portugal - contact by phone
Call only if this approach is suggested in the advertisement. If you do so, try to speak Portuguese and present yourself clearly; ask whom you should speak to and address them by name. Have your CV to hand and be ready to present yourself and answer questions. Pre¬pare your own pertinent questions and note down any interview arrangements. If arranging an interview, ask which documents you need to bring with you.
Romania - contact by phone
The aim of a phone call would generally be to fix an appointment for an interview. You can also call if you sent your CV a few weeks previously and have not had a reply. Prepare what you want to say in advance, and be brief and to the point. Introduce yourself remind the employer that you recently submitted a CV and mention which job you are interested in. The conversation should be short. Do not call several times.
Slovakia - contact by phone
Be pleasant and friendly during any contacts with the employer. Respond to all questions and tactfully describe your expectations.
Slovenia - contact by phone
If you call about a job, be friendly and relaxed, have your questions prepared as well as answers to questions you may be asked, and be sure to close the conversation with optimistic and stimulating words.

The employer may wish to conduct an interview by phone or Skype if the applicant lives abroad. They might also discuss the content of an employment contract with suitable candidates and send it to the potential worker for review by e-mail or fax. After that they can arrange for the candidate to go to Slovenia.
Spain - contact by phone
For telephone contacts, find out who the person on the phone is and say who you want to talk to before stating who you are.
Sweden - contact by phone
While it is essential to be polite during telephone contacts, attitudes generally are fairly informal. Sweden is not a country where you use titles in conversation.
Switzerland - contact by phone
In the tourism, construction and cleaning sectors, this is the best way to get a job.
United Kingdom - contact by phone
Only make telephone contact if requested to do so and after identifying that you have the skills and experience that the employer is looking for. Some employers may conduct a preliminary interview by telephone. If this is the case, the employer will call you at a pre-arranged time. Prepare for a telephone interview as thoroughly as you would a face-to-face interview.
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