Sweden - tips for job applications

Country: Sweden
Official languages: Swedish
Phone code: +46
Internet code: .se

Tips for job applications?

Candidates usually get in touch with the con­tact person for more information about a job before they apply. It is also common to contact the trade union representative for information about salaries.

Always follow the instructions in the job adver­tisement. Electronic application forms are very common. If sending a covering letter and CV by e-mail, do not attach any other documents unless the advert requests this. Computers are available in all public employment services and libraries.

For all written applications, be sure to relate the information to the job you are applying for. The application should be brief, neat and inform­ative. Write dynamic applications tailored to the requirements in the advertisement. Keep it short and relevant: a one-page covering letter and a CV of one to two pages.

Applicants are advised to call the employer to check if they have received the application.

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