Norway - tips for job applications

Country: Norway
Official languages: Norwegian
Phone code: +47
Internet code: .no

Tips for job applications?

Send an application in English (or in a Scandi­navian language if you speak one) with a cov­ering letter and a CV (maximum one page, although CVs for technical candidates might be longer and more detailed).

If sending a spontaneous application, find out the name of an HR representative to send your application to. Write a covering letter (maxi­mum one page) and enclose a CV.

Make one application per vacancy or com­pany. If you are applying to a large firm, call or e-mail the recruiter a few days after send­ing your application to ask if they have read your CV and what they think of it, whether they have received many applications, when you can expect a reply, etc.

Be brief and concise in the description of your­self and your qualifications. Be honest and do not exaggerate. Keep your CV simple and mod­est. Be honest about your language skills, espe­cially in English. 'Good' English skills are not the same as 'school knowledge' of English.

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