Netherlands - tips for job applications

Official languages: Dutch
Phone code: +31
Internet code: .nl

Tips for job applications?

For low-paid or unskilled jobs (hotel and cater­ing industry, retail industry), it is common to apply by phone or, increasingly, by e-mail. For other jobs, it is standard to send a covering letter and CV by e-mail or post. Make sure to detail your personal data, work experience and education level truthfully.

Intermediate organisations, which may be employed by a company to fill its vacan­cies, often pre-select candidates and submit selected CVs to the employer.

If you want to apply spontaneously to a com­pany, contact the department or person who can tell you about vacancies. Explain your plans, the job you are looking for and what skills and experience you have. Ask if you can send a covering letter and a CV. If they confirm, you can send a targeted letter to the right person or department This approach can be very effec­tive in the Netherlands for getting you invited for an interview.

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