Latvia - tips for job applications

Country: Latvia
Official languages: Latvian
Phone code: +371
Internet code: .lv

Tips for job applications?

A CV and covering letter are usually required to support the application. They are usually sent by e-mail or sometimes by post. If you apply for seasonal or unqualified work you can so do by phone, because employers usually pre-se­lect for these kinds of jobs.

Although most Latvian businesses are keen to adapt their processes to west European stand­ards, which (in most cases) are less formal, most Latvian companies are still hierarchical in terms of structure and management culture. This is also true of their attitude to the applica­tion procedure.

The covering letter is very important and should be reliable and convincing. Employers look for candidates who understand their business, mis­sion and market. Fraudulent job experience or other incorrect information is not acceptable. The candidate should treat the employer with respect at all times.

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