France - tips for job applications

Country: France
Official languages: French
Phone code: +33
Internet code: .fr

Tips for job applications?

The CV should consist of one page for young graduates, or two pages maximum for more experienced profiles. A two-page CV is gener­ally organised in six sections.

Personal details: name, address, phone number (with international code), e-mail. Marital status, age and nationality (if you are a citizen of the European Economic Area) are optional.

Title: state the general job position sought, possibly with your strengths, for example 'Commercial assistant trilingual: English, French and Spanish'.

Professional experience: employment history, including dates, position, company name, industry and location, and detailing your responsibilities, tasks and results.

Training: provide graduation dates and their equivalent in the French educational system.

Language and IT knowledge: indicate your native language and specify your level of French - reading, written and spoken.

Other information, often called 'Interests'. Mention if you have lived in France.

Your application letter should be no longer than one page and typed (most frequently you send it by e-mail). Demonstrate your interest in the company and highlight how you meet the needs of the position.

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