Denmark - tips for job applications

Country: Denmark
Official languages: Danish
Phone code: +45
Internet code: .dk

Tips for job applications?

The procedure for application is described in the job advert, and should be adhered to.

Contacts between the candidate and the employer are usually direct. When send­ing an application (usually electronically), it is very important to personalise it to the specific employer. Only contact the employer in the lan­guage requested in the advertisement. You do not need to be able to cover all the qualifica­tions, but you do need to speak the language suggested in the vacancy. Always write the application and make the contact yourself Doc­uments in a foreign language must be proved to be authentic.

The following are absolutely not acceptable during an application procedure: misspelling of the name and address of the company; errors in the application; being disloyal towards for­mer employers; turning up late for an interview.

'The EURES Adviser gave me infor­mation about doing a greenhouse gardener's course in Denmark and combining it with a Danish language course and work in a Danish farm. I saw it as an interesting opportunity - and a way to develop new skills and knowledge for my future professional life. It broadens your horizons, makes you more independent, builds your self-confidence and expands your per­sonal network.'

Sarunas, jobseeker from Lithuania

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