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Bulgaria - why work abroad?

Sun-lovers flock to the Black Sea coast's beaches, while the more adventurous can hike the rugged mountains and forests still roamed by lynx, bears and other rare wildlife. History fans can view plentiful Roman remains and get acquainted with the ancient Thracians, a prehistoric tribe known for their metalworking, horsemanship and artistic culture.

Bulgaria has seen strong economic growth since it joined the EU in 2007. However, it still has high levels of unemployment and low wages for Europe. There may be more opportunities for entrepreneurs, while many multinational corporations require staff for their growing business interests. Most jobs are in the services sector, followed by manufacturing and agriculture. The hotel business and tourism are sectors with a significant demand for workers.

'Bulgaria is a good country to live and work in. Hospitable and respectful of those from other countries, its people are open, frank and warm. The countryside is very beautiful, the climate is good, there is a vibrant cultural life - and the wine and cuisine are excellent!'

Elena Vidinska, EURES Adviser, Bulgaria

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