Austria - typical interview structure

Country: Austria
Official languages: German
Phone code: +43
Internet code: .at

Is there a typical interview structure?

In a normal interview, it is obligatory that questions relate to the conditions as described in the job ad and aim to find out if you have the right skills and qualifications. For the sake of objectivity, all the applicants should be asked the same questions. However, the employer may ask for more information on an individual basis or according to the candidate’s responses.

When is a question out of bounds?

Federal legislation on equal treatment forbids discrimination on grounds of age, sex, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. The law regulates all the procedures for the publication of job offers, application procedures and the relationships between employer and employees. You do not have to answer questions about pregnancy, family planning or illness and dis¬eases. Discrimination against disabled people is forbidden. Be aware that some employers may not be aware that they are asking prohibited questions.

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